May 2007 Monthly Forecast

Posted 27 April 2007
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Upcoming Issues in Sanctions Committees

Somalia Sanctions (751 Committee)

See Somalia brief in this issue.

Al-Qaida/Taliban Sanctions (1267 Committee)
The Committee is expected to take up the review, required under its recently revised guidelines, of names on the Consolidated List that have not been updated in four or more years. The Secretary-General will provide the Committee with the names. Also, the Committee may conduct discussions of the report to the Council regarding its responses to recommendations contained in the Monitoring Team’s report.

Liberia Sanctions (1521 Committee)
See Liberia brief in this issue.

DRC Sanctions (1533 Committee)
The Committee will review the Secretary-General’s report (S/2007/68) of the potential economic, humanitarian and social impact on the population of the Democratic Republic of the Congo of measures recommended in the Group of Experts report dated 18 July 2006 (S/2006/525). In a separate meeting in April the chair and possibly another member of the Group is likely to brief the Committee.

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Sanctions (1718 Committee)
See the North Korea brief in this issue.
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