March 2007 Monthly Forecast

Posted 1 March 2007
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Aide Memoire

Important matters pending before the Council include:

  • The  2005 World Summit requested reforms relating to the Military Staff Committee. This has yet to be addressed.
  • Implementation of the phased approach for Darfur as agreed in Abuja in November 2006 is lagging. Sudan has not responded to the heavy support package proposal contained in the Secretary-General’s 24 January letter. AU-UN agreement on details of a hybrid operation as endorsed by the Council on 19 December is still pending.
  • No action as envisaged in resolution 1706 on Darfur has been taken to impose “strong effective measures, such as asset freeze or travel ban, against any individual or group that violates or attempts to block the implementation of the [Darfur Peace] Agreement or commits human rights violations.”
  • On Somalia, the Council is still to act on its “intention to consider taking measures against those who seek to prevent or block a peaceful dialogue process, overthrow the Transitional Federal Institutions by force, or take action that further threatens regional stability” expressed in resolution 1744.
  • On the DRC, the Council is still to consider imposing individual sanctions under resolutions 1649 and 1698 against armed groups’ commanders that recruit children and/or refuse to disarm.
  • The draft resolution on small arms  circulated by Argentina in March seems to have lapsed. The issue is no longer included as a footnote on the Council’s calendar. The absence of a Council decision on this matter leaves future periodic Secretary-General’s reports in abeyance. Because of the absence of a request from the Council, the Secretariat has no mandate to proceed to produce the report.
  • The Secretary-General’s report on cross border issues and inter-mission cooperation in West Africa, originally due by 31 December 2006, is still overdue though it may be issued in March.
  • The December 2004 report by the Secretary-General on human rights violations in Côte d’Ivoire, requested by a presidential statement, has still not been made public. Also on Côte d’Ivoire, the December 2005 report by the Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide has not been published.

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