July 2006 Monthly Forecast

Posted 29 June 2006
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Update on the Review of Mandates

The Security Council’s Ad-Hoc Committee on Mandate Review in June agreed on five clusters of mandates to be reviewed in phase one of its work.  The five clusters, which were set out in the document Criteria to Suggest Mandates for Consideration in Phase One prepared by the Co-Chairs (the Permanent Representatives of Slovakia and the United States) are:

  • issues on which there are specific recommendations in the Secretary-General’s report (under this point, the Committee included the counterterrorism committees specifically with regard to the possible consolidation of reporting requirements and establishment of a single subsidiary body);
  • mandates that have not been examined by the Security Council in the last five years;
  • other instances of duplicative or unnecessary reporting requirements for the Secretary-General (including those with shorter reporting cycles than necessary);
  • positions that have remained vacant or where the reason for appointment has changed; and
  • where there are two or more senior UN representatives in a particular area or with potentially overlapping or duplicative mandates.

In phase one, the Committee will examine mandates in those areas where problems have been identified and a solution may be reached in the coming weeks.  In phase two, the Committee plans to consider groups of mandates that will require additional time for discussion and agreement.

Security Council Letters

  • S/2006/354 (31 May 2006) was the letter of the Council President to the Secretary-General informing him of the establishment of the Ad-Hoc Committee and inviting a senior member of the Secretariat staff to participate in the relevant meeting.

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