July 2006 Monthly Forecast

Posted 29 June 2006
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Notable Dates

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July 2006

Reports due for Consideration in July

Relevant Document

29 June

SG report on UNOMIG (UN Observer Mission in Georgia) (quarterly)


29 June

SG report on UNOGBIS (UN Peacebuilding Support Office in Guinea-Bissau) (quarterly)


29 June

SG periodic report on the situation in Somalia


early July

SG report on BONUCA (UN Peacebuilding Office in the Central African Republic) (semi-annual)


10 July

Report of the 1533 Committee concerning the DRC


15 July

SG report on UNOCI (UN Operation in Côte d’Ivoire) (quarterly)


20 July

SG report on UNIFIL (UN Interim Force in Lebanon)


31 July

Reports of the 1267 Committee concerning Al-Qaida and the Taliban


31 July

SG report on Darfur (monthly)


July 2006

Mandates Expire


31 July



31 July

Group of Experts of the 1533 Committee concerning the DRC


July 2006

Other Important Dates

1-2 July AU Summit in Banjul, Gambia
15 July 

Deployment of EUFOR DRCongo is expected to be complete in advance of the 30 July elections. (S/RES/1671)

15-17 July G8 Summit in St. Petersburg
18 July  AMIS Pledging Conference in Brussels
20 July

General Assembly plenary session on Security Council reform

24 July 

Council debate on Children and Armed Conflict

30 July 

Presidential and parliamentary elections in the DRC (postponed from 18 June)

31 July 

DRC sanctions expire (S/RES/1616 and S/RES/1649)

Also expected:

  • More detailed discussions on the appointment of a new Secretary-General
  • Recommendations from the Secretary-General regarding a UN operation in Darfur are expected in early July (S/RES/1679).
  • An international donors’ conference for Liberia is reportedly planned for mid-July.
  • An international donors’ conference for Haiti is expected for mid-July in Port-au-Prince.

Important Dates over the Horizon

  • A major focus on Haiti in the Council is likely in August.
  • Timor-Leste will also be a focus of the Council in August.  Resolution 1690 requested a report from the Secretary-General by 7 August on the UN’s future role.  Special Envoy Ian Martin’s assessment mission, which began on 26 June, will help determine the possible need for a larger UN presence when the current mandate expires on 20 August.
  • An open debate on Cooperation between the Council and Regional Organisations is possible in September.
  • The mandate of UNMIS expires on 24 September (S/RES/1663) and the mandate of AMIS expires on 30 September (S/2006/156).
  • The selection process for the next Secretary-General is expected between September and November.
  • Elections for the 2007-2008 members of the Security Council are expected in October.
  • The first annual report of the Peacebuilding Commission is due in December; it will be subject to a Council debate. (S/RES/1645 and 1646)
  • An open debate on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict is expected in December.

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