Chronology of Events

revised on 9 August 2012


mid-April 2007

International efforts to gain regional support for robust peacekeeping included a visit by US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte to Sudan, Chad and Libya.

4 April 2007

Under Secretary-General John Holmes briefed the Council on the humanitarian situation in the region. Holmes suggested that, given Chad’s reluctance, alternative options would be deploying a UN mission solely in the Central African Republic for the time being, or strengthening of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community’s (CEMAC) military operation deployed in the Central African Republic (FOMUC).

10 March 2007

Chadian and Sudanese representatives reportedly met in Tehran to continue talks to normalise bilateral relations. It was reportedly agreed that an Iranian technical assistance team on regional issues would go to Chad and Sudan.

February 2007

The Secretary-General presented finalised options on a UN operation in Chad and the Central African Republic. In Libya, Chad and Sudan agreed to re-energise the Tripoli Agreement and the Central African Republic government and the Union des forces démocratiques pour le rassemblement (UFDR) signed a peace deal. Chad opposed the deployment of the UN advance mission and of an operation with a robust military contingent.

January 2007

The Council requested finalised options on a UN operation in Chad and the Central African Republic.

December 2006

Cautioning against deployment without a political process, the Secretary-General unveiled preliminary options on a UN operation in Chad and the Central African Republic. Chad signed a peace deal with the Front Uni pour le Changement (FUC) under Libyan auspices.

August 2006

The Council adopted resolution 1706, expanding the mandate of the United Nations Mission in the Sudan (UNMIS) to include its deployment to Darfur in order to support the  implementation of the Darfur Peace Agreement.

June 2006

A Council mission visited Chad and Sudan. Chad requested to brief the Council on Sudan’s support for Chadian rebels.

April 2006

Chadian rebels attacked N’Djamena.

8 February 2006

Chad and Sudan signed the Tripoli Agreement

late 2005

Spill-over from the conflict in Darfur into Chad increased significantly. Chadian rebels began an offensive against the government in the east. Chad and Sudan openly traded accusations of rebel support.